FINAL programme and programme overview for WONCA Europe 2016

Below please find our FINAL program (version 31-05-16). You will find a large number of high-quality sessions, as well as many exciting "One-slide-5 minutes" presentations. Furthermore, a high number of interesting classic posters will be displayed in the public areas of Bella Center on Thursday 16 June and Friday 17 June.

We will still expecting a few updates in the program, but here you can always find the latest published version.


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We are delighted to present the programme OVERVIEW below.

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17:00 - 18:30

Congress Hall A

Opening Ceremony

KA01 - Keynote Address

Family doctors with heads and hearts: a global perspective

Professor Michael Kidd, President of the World Organization of Family Doctors, Adelaide, Australia

OPENING RECEPTION - 18:30 - 19:30

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09:00 - 09:45

Congress Hall A


The patients’ voice

Ulrika Sanden

KA02 - Keynote Address

Diagnosis: an impossible but essential task

Professor Paul Glasziou, Centre for Research into Evidence-Based Medicine at Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia

Short Break - 09:45 - 10:00


10:00 - 11:15

11:45 - 13:00

Congress Hall A

411 - W01 - Workshop

How to prevent overdiagnosis in general practice

Workshop Coordinators: John Brodersen (DK), Bruno Heleno (PT), Norteen Laudal (NO), Gisle Roksund (NO), Paul Glasziou (AU)

174 - S05 - European Primary Care Cardiovascular Society (EPCCS) Plenary Session

Updates on major vascular diseases and issues for GPs

Preventing stroke in atrial fibrillation - the state of the science

Richard Hobbs (UK)

Lifestyles in primary care: can we help behaviour changes in the real world?

Paul Aveyard (UK)

Is management of lipids important and are statins as good or as bad as reported?  A state of the science debate

Richard Hobbs (UK), Carlos Brotons-Cuixart (ES)

Auditorium 10

975 - W02 - Workshop

From diagnosis to formulation of a shared understanding: development of a new method for primary care clinicians to engage with mental health problems in the 21st century Workshop Coordinators: Richard Byng (UK), Peter Verhaak (NL), Edmund Jack (UK)

916 - W12 - EURACT Workshop

Preparing for a pandemic - lessons from the past, preparing for the future

Workshop Coordinators: Jo Buchanan (UK), Maureen Baker (UK), Zalika Klemenc-Ketis (SI)

Auditorium 11

700 - S01 - ESPCG symposium

Management of gastroenterological symptoms and disease in primary care; state of the art 2016

Chair: Bohumil Seifert, (CZ)

Introduction gastroenterology in primary care

Bohumil Seifert (CZ)

Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease: an update

Roger Jones (UK)

Irritable bowel syndrome

Jean WM Muris (NL)

Dyspepsia and peptic ulcer disease

Lars Agréus (SE)

Constipation and diarrhoea

Niek de Wit (NL)

Coeliac disease

Knut-Arne Wensaas (NO

699 - S06 - ESPCG Symposium

Chronic gastrointestinal and liver infections - ESPCG symposium

Management of Helicobacter pylori infection

Lars Agréus (SE)

Hepatitis B infection

Christos Lionis (GR)

Hepatitis C infection

Charles Helsper (NL)

Infections with Giardia lamblia and other gastrointestinal parasites

Knut-Arne Wensaas (NO)

Auditorium 12

106 - S02 - Managing allergy in primary care

Chair: Dermot Ryan, (UK)

Allergy education needs in primary care: results of a questionnaire

Dermot Ryan (UK)

A tale of a GP with Special Interest (GpwSI) paediatric allergy clinic in the community

Isabel El-Shanawany (UK)

Managing the high risk atopic child

Mich LaJeunesse (UK)

An approach to the wheezy infant in primary care

Patrick Bindels (NL)

1063 - W13 - Workshop

Overdiagnosis and overtreatment - a Norwegian attempt to face the challenge.

A position paper from the Norwegian College of General Practice

Workshop Coordinators: Gisle Roksund (NO), Morten Laudal (NO), Elisabeth Swensen (NO), Per Øystein Opdal (NO), John Brodersen (DK)

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10:00 - 11:15

11:45 - 13:00

Auditorium 15

663 - W03 - VdGM General Meeting

The Vasco da Gama Movement General Meeting

Peter Sloane, Berk Geroglu, Elisabeth Stura, Rosy Tsopra, Ivana Babic, Rosa Avino, Veronica Rasic, Luís Pinho Costa

VdGM, Vasco da Gama Movement

197 - S07 - IPCRG Symposium

Chronic obstructive respiratory disease 2016. What’s new, and what isn’t

Jaime C Sousa (PT), Ioanna Tsiligianni (GR), Anders Østrem (NO),

Meeting Room 5

OP01 - Oral Presentations


1309 - W14 - Workshop

The potential of The Copenhagen Primary Care Laboratory (CopLab) Database. Participate in the brainstorm.

Workshop Cordinator: Christen Andersen (DK)

Meeting Room 6 + 7

OP02 - Oral Presentations

Paper Nos.: 1512, 449, 681, 1121, 190, 417

955 - W15 - Workshop

Quality improvement 2.0: Online Journal Club meets the family medicine change makers' tweetchat

Workshop Coordinators:Andre Nguyen Van Nhieu (FR), Ulrik Kirk (DK), Patrick Reichel (AT), Claire Marie Thomas (UK)

Meeting Room 16

1054 - W04 - Workshop

A demonstration how to manually examine a patient with arm-, shoulder- and neck-pain and a talk about the different reasons for these symptoms

Workshop Coordinator: Peter Silbye (DK)

1054 - W04 - Workshop (same as earlier session)

A demonstration how to manually examine a patient with arm-, shoulder- and neck-pain and a talk about the different reasons for these symptoms

Workshop Coordinator: Peter Silbye (DK)

Meeting Room 17

OP03 - Oral Presentations


OP09 - Oral Presentations


Meeting Room 18

490 - S03 - Symposium

Better diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract infections in general practice

Lars Bjerrum (DK), Morten Lindbæk (NO), Chris Buttler (UK), Ildikó Gágyor (DE), Ingvild Vik (NO), Marianne Bollestad (NO), Carlos Llor (ES), Anne Holm (DK), Gloria Cordoba (DK), Pernille Brunsgaard (DK), Theo Verheij (NL), Akke Vellinga (IE)

490 - S03 - Symposium (same as earlier session)

Better diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract infections in general practice

Lars Bjerrum (DK), Morten Lindbæk (NO), Chris Buttler (UK), Ildikó Gágyor (DE), Ingvild Vik (NO), Marianne Bollestad (NO), Carlos Llor (ES), Anne Holm (DK), Gloria Cordoba (DK), Pernille Brunsgaard (DK), Theo Verheij (NL), Akke Vellinga (IE)

Meeting Room 19

661 - W05 - Workshop

Basic dermoscopy for general practitioners

Workshop Coordinators: David García Hernández (ES), Montse Andreu Miralles (ES), Rosa Senán Sanz (ES), Clara Vilavella Lizana (ES)

1214 - W16 - Workshop

How do we think? Let's give a thought to our medical decision making !

Workshop Coordinators: Hagit Dascal-Weichhendler (IL), Shelly Rothschild (IL)

Meeting Room 20

198 - W06 - IPCRG Workshop

Difficult to control asthma

Workshop Coordinators:Jaime C Sousa (PT), Ioanna Tsiligianni (GR), Anders Østrem (NO)

375 - W17 - Workshop

Case finding and diagnostics - is mental health problems a problem in primary care?

Workshop Coordinators: Cecilia Björkelund (SE), Maria Magnil (SE), Dominique Hange (SE), Jeanette Westman (SE), Sandra af Winklerfelt (SE), Agneta Pettersson (SE)

Meeting Room BM1

357 - W07 - Workshop

Infectious diseases and family medicine in the era of migrating populations

Workshop Coordinators:Panagiotis Andriopoulos (GR), Vedat Turhan (TR), Lamprini Tina (GR)

1229 - W18 - Workshop

Is it possible to eradicate HCV infections through Primary Care Screening?

Workshop Coordinator: Santiago Pérez Cachafeiro (ES)

 Meeting Room BM2

943 - W08 - EUROPREV and WONCA Special Interest Group on Family Violence Joint Workshop

The tight relationship between mental health and family violence: practice and training implications

Workshop Coordinators: Lodewijk Pas (BE), Mateja Bulc (SI), Hagit Dascal-Weichendler (IL), Carmen Fernandez-Alonso (ES), Raquel Gomez-Bravo (ES), Kelsey Hegarty (AU), Shelly Rothschild Meir (IL)

305 - W19 - Workshop

Facing your challenges in teaching and how humanities could help: a peer reflective workshop

Workshop Coordinators: Pablo González Blasco (BR), Graziela Moreto (BR)

 Meeting Room BM3

906 - W09 - Workshop

The contribution of family medicine to global health

Workshop Coordinators: Per Kallestrup (DK), Michael Schriver (DK), Steven van de Vijver (NL)

1545 - W20- Workshop

Drawing family-circles

Workshop Coordinators: Bernhard Panhofer (AT), Barbara Degn (AT)

 Meeting Room BM4

OP04 - Oral Presentations


OP10 - Oral Presentations


 Meeting Room BM5

OP05 - Oral Presentations


OP11 - Oral Presentations


 Meeting Room BM6

OP06 - Oral Presentations


OP12 - Oral Presentations


Meeting Room Bella Sky 173

825 - W10 - EQuiP Workshop

Measuring diabetic care: what are good indicators?

Workshop Coordinators:

Piet Vanden Bussche (BE), Johan Wens (BE)

1269 - W21 - EQuiP Workshop

Health inequalities related to socio-economic status : how primary care may reduce them

Workshop Coordinators:Hector Falcoff (FR), Piet Vanden Bussche (BE), Sara Willems (BE)

Meeting Room Bella Sky 178

OP07 - Oral Presentations


OP13 - Oral Presentations


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10:00 - 11:15

11:45 - 13:00


Meeting Room Bella Sky 179

OP08 - Oral Presentations


16 - S08 - Symposium

Coping with complexity in primary care through collaborative engagement

The impact a Danish Reflective Group had on its members

Niels Kristian Kjær (DK)

Balint groups

John Salinsky (UK)

Narrative based supervision

John Launer (UK)

Practice inquiry

Amiesha S Panchal (USA)

Group supervision as a part of continuous professional development

Helena Galina Nielsen (DK)


Meeting Room Bella Sky 180

22 - W11 - Workshop

GPs for PIDs - a workshop on how to increase the awareness of primary immunodeficiencies among general practitioners

Workshop Coordinators: Lotte Vosmar Denning (DK), Hédinn Sigurdsson (IS), Gudmundur Jörgensen (SE), Ásgeir Haraldsson (IS)

577 - W22 - Workshop

Approaching female sexuality and sexual dysfunction - how to overcome GP's apprehensiveness and difficulties?

Workshop Coordinators: Vera Pires da Silva (PT), Liliana Rumor (PT)


Meeting Room Bella Sky 181

704 - S04 - IGRIMUP Symposium No. 1

Defining barriers to combat the negative clinical, economic & social implications of IMUP across the globe

Chairs: Doron Garfinkel (IL) & Eva Topinkova (CZ)

Global clinical, economic, social and ethical implications of inappropriate medication use and polypharmacy (IMUP). An overview

Eva Topinkova (CZ)

Can we relieve family physicians' frustration facing barriers to de-prescribing?

Doron Garfinkel (IL)

The role of nutrition in older adults on polypharmacy

Davide Liborio Vetrano (IT)

Pay for performance, single disease targets and polypharmacy

Dee Mangin (CA)

Commercial influence on healthcare and its influence on polypharmacy

Dee Mangin (CA)

520 - S09 - IGRIMUP Symposium No. 2

Internventions suggested for reducing IMUP

Chair(s): Chairs: Graziano Onder, (IT) & Ilkka Kunnamo (FI)

Assessing pros and cons of common strategies to evaluate IMUP

Graziano Onder (IT)

Prevalence of potentially inappropriate prescribing among older adults: a comparison of the Beers 2012 and Screening Tool of Older Person's Prescriptions (STOPP) criteria version

Gulistan Bahat (TR)

The Norwegian General Practice Nursing Home Criteria (NORGEP-NH) for potentially inappropriate medication use in nursing home residents. Delphi study

Gunhild Nyborg (NO)

Updates from the FORTA-group - evaluation of a FORTA-based intervention in hospitalized elderly patients - The VALFORTA study

Heinrich Burkhardt (DE)

The PRIMA-eDS electronic decision support system - a multinational European project

Ilkka Kunnamo (FI)


Coffee Break - 11:15 - 11:45


Lunch - 13:00 - 14:00


14:00 - 14:45

Congress Hall A

KA03 - Keynote Address

Making healthcare affordable: revisiting and revising the case for general practice

Martin Marshall , Professor of Healthcare Improvement, University College London, UK

Short Break - 14:45 - 15:00


15:00 - 16:00

16:15 - 17:15


Congress Hall A

1671 - S10 - Symposium

Organizing primary care to meet future challenges

Chair: Morten Charles (DK)

Increasing needs and expectations - challenges to the future primary care sector

Greg Irving (UK)

How do we meet these future challenges in my country?

Igor Svab (SI)

How to preserve the core values of family medicine in a market model society?

Robert Dijkstra (NL)

An emerging future model for general practice

Martin Marshall (UK)

313 - S16 - Symposium

Nordic research network for children and adolescents - GPs and prevention, diagnosis, effective treatments, next of kin and family health teams

Ole Rikard Haavet (NO), Kirsten Lykke Nielsen (DK), Philip Wilson (UK), Frøydis Gullbrå (ES), Mina Dahli (NO), Anette Hauskov Graungaard (DK)   


Auditorium 10

243 - S11 - Symposium

Did the health care reforms make health care affordable?  Experiments of different countries

Dilek Güldal (TR), Mladenka Keglevic (HR), Niels Kristian Kjær (DK, Okay Basak (TR)

532 - S17 - Symposium

Harms from screening for life-threatening diseases

Jessica Malmqvist (DK), Mie Sara Hestbech (DK), Bruno Heleno (PT), Minna Johansson (SE), John Brodersen (DK)



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15:00 - 16:00

16:15 - 17:15

Auditorium 11

524 - W23 - European General Practice Research Network (EGPRN) Workshop

How to improve research collaboration in general practice among European countries? - Workshop

Workshop Coordinators: Caroline Huas (FR), Esperanza Diaz (NO)

 217 - W33 - VdGM Workshop

The Hippokrates and Family Medicine 360° Exchange Programmes  incorporating the Claudio Carosino and Hippokrates Exchange Prizes

Workshop Coordinators: Rosa Avino, Per Kallestrup, Katrina Whalley, Juan Maria Rodriguez, Cristiano Figueiredo, Sara Rigon, Ana Nunes Barata, Demet Merder Coskun, Jenny Studer, Dinky de Haseth, Ronen Brand, Elodie Hernandez

Vasco da Gama Movement - Exchange Theme Group

Auditorium 12

39 - S12 - EPCCS State of the Science Workshop Symposium

What should we know on thromboembolic risk and anticoagulation?

Why is atrial fibrillation important and what reduces risk: a quick update

Richard Hobbs (UK)

Suspected pulmonary embolism: what's new in VTE management guidelines?

David Fitzmaurice (UK)

Practical cases discussion and Q&A

Carlos Brotons (ES)

1782 - S18 - Symposium

Time for a change ('Het Roer Moet Om')

Stan van den Buijs (NL), Peter de Groof (NL), Matthijs Donner (NL), Lucas Fraza (NL)

Auditorium 15

1064 - W24 - WHO - Workshop

A WHO initiative - 'Engaging for effective communication, collaboration and partnership between health professionals and patients: A path to future consultations'

Workshop Cordinators: Nittita Prasopa-Plaizier, Felicity Pocklington, Katthyana Aparicio, Hernan Montenegro, Shannon Barkley, Ed Kelley

200 - S19 - VdGM Symposium

The Vasco da Gama Movement Junior Researcher Award 2016

Research by new and future GP’s

Rosy Tsopra, Ana Luisa Neves, Ivana Babic, Shérazade Kinouani, Peter Sloane - Vasco da Gama Movement

Meeting Room 5

OP14 - Oral Presentations


OP20 - Oral Presentations


Meeting Room 6 + 7

S13 - Symposium

The human mind: the keys to paradise

Chairs: Ileana Anca Efrim (RO) & Carl Steylaerts (BE)


How to deal with alcohol in family medicine consultation?

Fernando Leiva Cepas (ES)


Communication between GPs and patients with mental disorders: a piece of the puzzle for integration mental health into primary care

Irina Angela Radu (RO)


Why addiction is not a disease - new pathways to (multidisciplinary) treat and counsel addicts in primary care

Carl Steylaerts (BE)

1310 - W34 - Workshop

What keeps the family doctor happy?

Workshop Coordinators: Susanne Rabady (AU), Bernhard Panhofer (AU)

Meeting Room 16

OP15 - Oral Presentations


OP21 - Oral Presentations


Meeting Room 17

1420  - W25 - Workshop

The Opinion Piece

Workshop Coordinator: Pat Harrold (IE)

528 - W35 - Workshop

Clinical teachers, like Monsieur Jourdain, do clinical reasoning all the time without knowing it, but how can they teach it?

Workshop Coordinator: Arabelle Rieder (CH), Marie-Claude Audétat (CH)

Meeting Room 18

250 - W26 - Workshop

Healthy ageing: how can family doctors apply motivational interviewing to change behaviour (Workshop)

Workshop Coordinators: Carla Rodrigues (PT), Beatriz Figueiredo (PT), Sara Rocha (PT)

175 - W36 - Workshop

Theoretical framework for a study of WONCA women: influencing professional resilience of female family doctors during lifecycle transitions

Workshop Coordinators: Noemi Doohan (USA), Amanda Howe (USA)

Meeting Room 19

W27 - VdGM Workshop


Antimicrobial stewardship in primary care - a public health imperative

Workshop Coordinator: Ana Costa (PT)


Quality circles at a glance "use of antibiotics in general practice" - VdGM-EQuiP Workshop

Workshop Coordinators: Christina Svanholm (DK),Kasper Lorenz Johansen (DK)


Antibiotic resistance; a bigger threat than a viral pandemic?

Workshop Coordinator: Masja Loogman (NL)

816 - W37 - Workshop

Integrating health care in Skåne University Healthcare: how we went wrong and how to do it right again

Workshop Coordinator: Karin Träff Nordström (SE)

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15:00 - 16:00

16:15 - 17:15

Meeting Room 20

1366 - S14 - Symposium

Public health focused model programme for organising primary care services

Magor Papp (HU)

1536 - W38 - EQuiP Workshop

‘GP take care’: a self-care workshop

Workshop Coordinators: Claire Hayes (IE), Andrée Rochfort (IE)

Meeting Room BM1

500 - W28 - Workshop

Designing the perfect primary health care system - comparing international primary health care systems to decrease health inequalities

Workshop Coordinators: Helena Liira (AU), Geoff Riley(AU)

1028 - S20 - Symposium

Integrated healthcare organization in academic oriented Julius Health Centers, The Netherlands

Karolien van den Brekel-Dijkstra, Monika Hollander, Bertien Hart, Ingrid Looijmans, Niek de Wit

Meeting Room BM2

257 - W29 - Workshop

Point of care ultrasonography (POC-US) in family medicine - present and perspectives

Workshop Coordinators: Mihai Iacob(RO), Adrian Saftoiu (RO), Calin Bumbulut (RO), Remus Georgescu (DE), Radu Badea (RO)

730 - S21  - Symposium

Updates of quality improvement strategies in the Nordic countries - retrieval and analysis of data in changing the processes of care

Jörgen Månsson (SE), Klas Winell (FI), Janus Laust Thomsen (DK), Tor Carlsen (NO), Malin André (SE)

 Meeting Room BM3

OP16 - Oral Presentations


1524 - W39 - Workshop

Barriers and facilitators to implementation of clinical practice guidelines

Workshop Coordinator: Esra Meltem Koc (TR)

 Meeting Room BM4

1401 - W30 - Workshop

Meeting the demands of universal coverage through a family centered approach: the case of primary health care services in Palestine

Workshop Coordinators: Dina Nasser (PS), Umaiyeh Khammash (PS)

388 - S22 - Symposium

Prevention of urinary incontinence in women:  detecting risk factors during life-time in general practice

Toine Lagro-Janssen (NL), Doreth Teunissen (NL), Guri Rortveit (NO), Eva Samuelsson (SE), Carmen Verhoeks (NL)

 Meeting Room BM5

OP17 - Oral Presentations


206 - W40 - EURACT Workshop

Selecting and allocating our future GP colleagues

Workshop Coordinators: Peter Prydz (NO), Søren Prins (DK), Roger Damoiseaux (NL), Margit Vermeulen (NL), Nynke Scherpbier-deHaan (NL)

 Meeting Room BM6

OP18 - Oral Presentations


14 - S23 - Symposium

WONCA Network/SIGs  -  The International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG)

Chair: Dermot Ryan (UK)

The role of primary care databases in developing asthma and allergy service delivery

Dermot Ryan (UK)

Leveraging datasets and insisting on quality to address unmet research needs - the epidemiologists' dream

Jens Søndergaard (DK)

Routine primary care data - the new crystal ball?

Jaime Correia de Sousa (PT)

Meeting Room Bella Sky 173

957- W31 - Workshop

The elephant in the room: challenges for healthcare providers in addressing domestic and gender based violence

Workshop Coordinators: Claire Marie Thomas (UG), Özden Gökdemir (TR), Renata Pavlo (HR), Ülkü Bulut (TR) Gamze Akyol (TR), Olgu Aygün (TR)

181 - S24 - Multi-national Symposium by Wonca Europe-EGPRN & Wonca World - WWPR Symposium

Organization of the healthcare system in Europe: what facilitates & what impedes the delivery of effective primary care

Mehmet Ungan (TR), Christos Lionis (GR)

Meeting Room Bella Sky 178

OP19 - Oral Presentations


968 - W41 - Workshop

Lessons from a far off land: The ethics and impact of medical volunteerism in family medicine

Workshop Coordinators: Claire Marie Thomas (UG),  Per Kallestrup (DK), Veronika Rasic (HR)

Meeting Room Bella Sky 179

300 - S15 - Symposium

Pre-school child health assessments - what are they for?

Philip Wilson (UK), Kirsten Lykke (DK), Marit Hafting (NO)

466 - W42 - Workshop

Can education of GP's be a waste of time?

Workshop Coordinators: Gösta Eliasson (SE), Ulf Måwe (SE), Niels Kristian Kjær (DK)

Meeting Room Bella Sky 180

1315 - W32 - Lead the next health movement Part I

Learn how to become family medicine changemakers

Workshop Coordinators: Rick Botelho (USA), Joachim Sturmberg (AU)

1317 - W43 - Lead the next health movement Part II

Learn how to become peer health coaches

Workshop Coordinator: Rick Botelho (USA)

Meeting Room Bella Sky 181

11 - IS  - Interactive session

Getting your work published - meet the Editors!

Interactive Session Coordinators: Kurt Angstman (USA), Victoria Neale (USA), Jelle Stoffers (NL), Hans Thulesius (SE)

290 - W44 - Workshop

Overdiagnosis and patient harm or how unsafe is striving for certainty? A workshop using advanced quality circle methods - Workshop

Workshop Coordinators: Adrian Rohrbasser (CH), Ulrik Bak Kirk (DK)

Coffee Break - 16:00 - 16:15

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FRIDAY, 17 JUNE 2016


09:00 - 09:45

Congress Hall A


The patients’ voice

Ulrika Sanden

KA04 - Keynote Address

The future of primary care

Professor Martin Roland, Director of the Cambridge Centre for Health Services Research (CCHSR), Cambridge, UK

Short Break - 09:45 - 10:00


10:00 - 11:15

11:45 - 13:00

Congress Hall A

467 - W45 - Workshop

Head and heart of the family doctor in end-of-life care

Workshop Coordinator: Liesbeth Van Der Jagt (NL)

263 - W56 - Workshop

Identifying the patients who will benefit most from care intervention programs

Workshop Coordinators: Karen Kinder (USA), Alan Thompson ( USA)

Auditorium 10

1248 - W46 - EURIPA Workshop

Chronic care model - are there differences between rural and urban areas in Europe?

Workshop Coordinators: Donata Kurpas (PL), Jean-Baptiste Kern (FR), Ferdinando Petrazzuoli (SE), Tanja Pekez-Pavliško (HR), Jane Randall-Smith (UK)

1252 - W57 - EURIPA Workshop

Use of new technology in follow-up of patients with chronic diseases in rural areas

Workshop Coordinators: Veronika Rasik (HR), Josep Vidal-Alaball (ES), Oleg Kravtchenko (NO), Ferdinando Petrazzuoli (ES), Donata Kurpas (PL), Tanja Pekez-Pavlisko (HR)

Auditorium 11

785 - W47 - Joint European Union of General Practitioners (UEMO), European Forum for Primary Care (EFPC) & WONCA Europe Workshop

The renumeration policies within primary care in Europe

Workshop Coordinators: Nena Kopcavar Gucek (SI), Anna Stavdal (NO), Diederik Aarendonk (NL), Mary Mc Carthy (UK, Alan Maynard (UK)

1672 - S28 - Symposium

Where do WHO and WONCA meet
 Chair: Job Metsemakers, Wonca Europe President

Hans Kluge , WHO, Director of the Division of Health Systems and Public Health

Anna Stavdal, Wonca Europe Vice-President

Auditorium 12

1140 - S25 - Symposium

Timely diagnosis of symptomatic cancer in primary care; where do we stand and can we improve?

Chair: Niek de Wit, (NL)

Nicole van Erp (NL), Henry Jensen (DK), Richard Neal (UK), Niek de Wit (NL), Charles Helsper (NL)

687 - W58 - Workshop

Selective prevention of cardio-metabolic diseases across Europe - current work and future perspectives

Workshop Coordinators: Anne-Karien de Waard (NL), Per Wändell (SE), Martin Holzmann (SE), François Schellevis (NL)

Auditorium 15

545 - W48 - Workshop

45 years of the 'Inverse Care Law': developing sustainable approaches to reducing health inequalities

Workshop Coordinator: Karen Gully (UK)

173 - S29 - EPCCS State of the Science Symposium

An update on heart failure

Burden of heart failure

Richard Hobbs (UK)

Diagnosis of heart failure: issues for GPs

Arno Hoes (NL)

Management of heart failure: evidence base & recent developments

Arno Hoes (NL)

Meeting Room 5

OP22 - Oral Presentations


464 - W59 - Workshop

Effects of a public website with evidence based patient information: the example of (GPatHome)

Workshop Cordinators: Ton Drenthen (NL), Patrick Jansen (NL)

Meeting Room 6 + 7

OP23 - Oral Presentations


1261 - W60 - Workshop

Integrated multimorbidity management for your practice: what are enablers and barriers to effective implementation?

Workshop Cordinators: Joachim Sturmberg (AU), Bruno Kissling (CH), Rick Botelho (USA)

Meeting Room 16

902 - W49 - Workshop

Challenges in the use of classifications in general practice

Workshop Coordinators: Preben Larsen (DK), Diego Schrans (BE), Kees Van Boven (NL)

7 - W61 - Workshop

Physician heal thyself!

Workshop Cordinators: Helena Galina Nielsen (DK), Bodil M Nielsen (DK), Elin O Rosvold (NO), Dorte Kjeldmand (SE)

Meeting Room 17

OP24 - Oral Presentations


OP30 - Oral Presentations


Meeting Room 18

682 - S26 - Symposium

How can we best respond to women experiencing domestic violence?

Kelsey Hegarty (AU), Maggie Evans (UK), Anna Dowrick (UK), Lodewijk Pas (BE)

633 - W62 - Workshop

Informed choice - in whose favour?

Worshop Coordinators: Minna Johansson (SE), Halfdan Petursson (NO), Margret Olafia Tomasdottir (IS)

  Coffee Break - 11:15 - 11:45

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  Keynotes address        WONCA SIGs and WONCA Networks

FRIDAY, 17 JUNE 2016


10:00 - 11:15

11:45 - 13:00

Meeting Room 19

848 - W50 - Workshop

Get involved  with WONCA - a symposium to shape policy and advocacy for WONCA World

Worshop Coordinator: Amanda Howe (UK)

1098 - W63 - Workshop

 “Being young, staying young” - How to keep scientifically and intellectually active after the training program and during GP/FM’s career

Workshop Cordinators: Catarina Matias (PT), Per Kallestrup (DK), Inês Rosendo(PT)

Meeting Room 20

964 - W51 - Workshop

What do patients expect from eHealth? - let the patients tell us!

Workshop Cordinators: Ilkka Kunnamo (FI), Ynse de Boer (DK), Piet Vanden Bussche (BE)

308 - W64 - Workshop

How electronic services and automatic data collection help the practitioner save time for the patient

Workshop Cordinators: Jukkapekka Jousimaa (FI), Heidi Alenius (FI), Ilkka Kunnamo (FI)

 Meeting Room BM1 & 2

564 - W52 - Workshop

The consultation kit: five cards and a package

Workshop Cordinators: Jan-Helge Larsen (DK), Charlotte Hedberg (SE), Maria Tasola (SE), Mats Rydberg (SE)

304 - W65 - Workshop

Movie clips to  bridge doctors’ heads and hearts through empathy: a faculty development workshop

Workshop Coordinators: Pablo González Blasco (BR), Graziela Moreto

 Meeting Room BM3

OP25 - Oral Presentations


OP31 - Oral Presentations


 Meeting Room BM4

OP26 - Oral Presentations


OP32 - Oral Presentations


 Meeting Room BM5

OP27 - Oral Presentations


1285 - W66 - Workshop

Benefits and harms of general health checks - lifelong learning in general practice: how to read and use scientific literature

Workshop Coordinators: Ole Olsen (DK), Bruno Heleno (PT), Rasmus Køster-Rasmussen (DK), Ruth Kirk Ertmann (DK), Mads Aage Toft Kristensen (DK), Anna Bebe (DK), G Currea (DK), Rune Munck Aabenhus (DK), Jessica Malmqvist (DK), Paul Glasziou (AU), John Brodersen (DK), Ana Maria (PT), Catarina Viegas-Dias (PT), Joana Abreu (PT), Paulo Sousa (PT)

 Meeting Room BM6

OP28 - Oral Presentations


289 - W67 - EQuiP Workshop

The development of quality circles for quality improvement in Europe: a mixed methods study involving 26 European countries - Workshop

Workshop Coordinators: Adrian Rohrbasser (CH), Ulrik Bak Kirk (DK)

Meeting Room Bella Sky 173

644 - W53 - VdGM Workshop

Doctor Avatar life lessons for health professionals: a workshop exploring failure to appraise social media outcomes

Workshop Coordinators: Peter Sloane (IE), Zelal Akbayin (TR), Ulrik Bak Kirk (DK)

205 - W68 - VdGM Workshop

The (online) patient will see you now, Doc: primary health care for all through telehealth - a workshop

Workshop Coordinators: Luis Pinho-Costa (PT), Peter A Sloane (IE), Charilaos Lygidakis (IT), Raluca Zoitanu (RO), Raquel Gomez Bravo (ES), Zelal Akbayin (TR), Ulrik  Bak Kirk (DK)

Meeting Room Bella Sky 178

1487 - W54 - Workshop

The community approach from primary care consultation

Workshop Coordinators: Marta Sastre Paz (ES), Casandra Cantera López (ES), Cecilia Montero de Espinosa Meléndez (ES), Andrea Artime Artime (ES)

168 - W69 - Workshop

An evidence based approach - a help or hindrance for family doctors working abroad?

Workshop Coordinators: Eugene Tang (UK), Hannah Fox (UK), Rakesh N Modi (UK), Camille Gajria (UK)

Meeting Room Bella Sky 179

OP29 - Oral Presentations


OP33 - Oral Presentations


Meeting Room Bella Sky 180

135 - W55 - Workshop

How GP's attitudes influence patient's self-efficacy

Workshop Coordinators: Siggy Rausch (LU), Nico Haas (LU), Monique Aubart (BE), Patrick Tabouring (FR)

380 - W70 - EURACT, CPD/CME Workshop

Learning needs for cultural competence, so to better understand the role of General Practice in the care for migrant

Workshop Coordinators: Jachym Bednar (CZ), Francesco Carelli (IT), Ruth Kalda (EE), Elena Frolova (RU), Sonata Varvuolyte (LT)

Meeting Room Bella Sky 181

410 - S27 - IGRIMUP Symposium No. 3

Addressing IMUP and de-prescribing in different clinical settings and a variety of health professionals

Chairs: Gulistan Bahat, (TR) & Dee Mangin (CA)

Screening for potentially inappropriate prescribing in the community pharmacy: development and first results of the GheOP³S-tool

Eline Tommelein (BE)

Success rate of training programs for nursing home physicians using Garfinkel method in reducing polypharmacy in nursing homes in Istanbul

Gulistan Bahat (TR)

Assessing a training program for family physicians based on Garfinkel GPGP method as a tool for reducing inappropriate medication use/polypharmacy

Doron Garfinkel (IL)

Trends in prescribing of potentially inappropriate medications to nursing home patients: comparison of three cohorts

Sabine Ruths (NO)

The Antidepressant Cessation Trial Study: maintenance vs gradual withdrawal of Fluoxetine in stable depression

Dee Mangin (CA)

Excessive polypharmacy in patients with advanced/end-stage cancer - significant negative implications on quality of care & economic burden

Doron Garfinkel (IL)

S30 - IGRIMUP Symposium No. 4

From rigid clinical practice guidelines to customizing de-prescribing - ethically combining EBM, clinical judgment and elder/family preferences

Chairs: Jørund Straand, (NO) & Heinrich Burkhardt (DE)

The central role of comprehensive geriatric assessment to combat IMUP - lessons from the graded FORTA A2D categories - The war against IMUP - Heinrich Burkhardt (DE)

Patient-centred management of polypharmacy: a process for practice

Katie Smith (UK), Nina Barnett (UK)

Deprescribing - why and how to stop using probably useless or potentially harmful medications in the elderly

Jørund Straand (NO)

How to involve patients in de-prescribing

Dee Mangin (CA)

Clinical outcomes & mortality in community-dwelling elderly people following excessive de-prescribing using the Garfinkel method as compared to controls, 1-5 years follow-up

Doron Garfinkel (IL

  Coffee Break - 11:15 - 11:45

Lunch Break - 13:00 - 14:00

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  Keynotes address        WONCA SIGs and WONCA Networks

FRIDAY, 17 JUNE 2016


14:00 - 14:45

Congress Hall A

KA05 - Keynote Address 

Is there evidence on effectiveness of preventive interventions in older people. 

Professor Kaisu Pitkälä, University of Helsinki & Helsinki University Central Hospital, Helsinki, Finland

Short Break - 14:45 - 15:00


15:00 - 16:00

16:15 - 17:15

Congress Hall A

837 & 971 - W71 - Workshop

Facing the challenge of multi morbidity: can family medicine create a conceptual model that is fit for purpose?

Workshop Coordinators: Richard Byng (UK), Edmund Jack (UK)

1440 - W78 - Workshop

The strength of family medicine research in Europe

Workshop Coordinator:  Frank Sullivan (CA)

Auditorium 10

132 - S31 - Symposium

Architecture in primary health care

The design challenge: Logan Practice past, present, and future

Alec Logan (UK)

The architectural response

Andy Law (UK)

The Houldsworth Centre in action

Alec Logan (UK)

Reflections and what next?

Andy Law (UK)


1275 - W79 - Workshop

Multimorbidity in family practice - patient unmet needs and doctor educational needs

Workshop Coordinators: Ruth Kalda (EE), Anneli Rätsep (EE), Jachym Bednar (CZ), Sonata Varvoulyte (LT)

Auditorium 11

144 - S32 - Symposium

Critical appraised topics by GP-trainees

Kristel van Asselt (NL), Charles Helsper (NL), Marie-Louise Bartelink (NL)

192 - W80 - VdGM Workshop

Benzodiazepines in clinical practice: how to avoid and stop them? A workshop for early career doctors

Workshop Coordinators: Luisa Cabrita (PT), Özden Gökdemir (TR), Cristiano Figueiredo (PT)

Auditorium 12

1409 - S33 - International Federation of Medical Students' Association (IFMSA) Symposium

Health literacy in ageing Europe

Prolonging life in Europe, benefits and challenges

Diogo Silva (PT)

Health literacy a strong weapon to improve health status

Skander Essafi (TN)

IFMSA, Involvement of medical students and young doctors to improve health literacy in ageing Europe

Diogo Silva (PT)

45 - S37 - WONCA Network/SIGs PCDE Symposium

Pearls for clinical practice; management of elderly people with diabetes

Pinar Topsever (TR), Johan Wens (BE), Xavier Cos (ES), Luc Martinez (FR)

Auditorium 15

1131 - S34

Empowering the role of the primary care physician in cancer care

Chair: Niek de Wit, (NL)

A review of literature describing the role of primary care during cancer treatment

Josi Boeijen (NL)

The GRIP study - the effects of structured follow-up from primary care during the cancer continuum

Ietje Perfors (NL)

The role of the GP in shared decision making in treatment selection

Charles Helsper (NL)

The I-Care Study - GP-led survivorship care for colon cancer patients

Jan Wind (NL)

 660 - W81 - VdGM, , EGPRN, EQuiP, EURIPA, EUROPREV, EURACT  Workshop

A future vision for development of an enhanced collaboration between the Networks of WONCA Europe

Workshop Coordinators: Peter Sloane (President, VdGM - Vasco Da Gama Movement), Mehmet Ungan (President, EGPRN - European General Practice Network), Piet Vanden Bussche (President, EQuiP - European Society for Quality and Safety in Family Practice), Tanja Pekez-Pavlisko (President, EURIPA - European Rural and Isolated Practitioners Association), Mateja Bulc (President,  EUROPREV -  European Network for Prevention and Health Promotion in Family Medicine), Jo Buchanan (President, EURACT - European Academy of Teachers in General Practice / Family Medicine)

Meeting Room 5

OP34 - Oral Presentations


OP43 - Oral Presentations


Meeting Room 6 + 7

1367 - W72 - WONCA Network/SIGs

Networking for early stage researchers in general practice and family medicine - a Workshop

Workshop Coordinators: Wolfram Herrmann (DE), Roman Schlager (DE)

62 - W82 - Workshop

Getting more knowledge and awareness of alcohol abuse in elderly patients

Workshop Coordinator: Maike Eppens (NL)

Meeting Room 16

OP35 - Oral Presentations


Meeting Room 17

OP36 - Oral Presentations


OP44 - Oral Presentations


Meeting Room 18

OP37 - Oral Presentations


1616 -  W84 - Workshop

Managing plantar fasciitis in primary care - the role of patient education and exercises

Workshop Coordinator: Michael Skovdal Rathleff (DK)

Meeting Room 19

1430 - W73 - Workshop

Menopause, it’s not the end of life!

Workshop Coordinator: Ruth Muñoz Maya (ES)

224 - W85 - Workshop

The elderly muscle:  from muscle soreness to sarcopenia and how to diagnose or treat it in general medicine?

Workshop Coordinators: Jean-Claude Leners (LU), Hirsa Farghadani (LU), Patrick Tabouring (LU)

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  Keynotes address        WONCA SIGs and WONCA Networks

FRIDAY, 17 JUNE 2016


15:00 - 16:00

16:15 - 17:15

Meeting Room 20

590 - W74 - Workshop

Assessing dementia risk in general practice: what does the public think and what do family doctors need to know?

Workshop Coordinators: Greta Rait (UK), Lisa Newton (UK), Louise Robinson (UK)

 235 - W86 - EFPC Workshop

Position paper - palliative approach in primary care from European perspective

Workshop Coordinators: Danica Rotar Pavlic, Suvi Ristolainen, 

 Meeting Room BM1 & 2

202 - S35 - Towards better post-diagnostic care of dementia in Europe

Introduction and the early post-diagnostic phase - what challenges do we face as family doctors?

Eugene Tang (UK)

Dementia care across Europe (EGPRN PREDEM Collaborative Group) - what do family doctors think?

Ferdinando Petrazzuoli (SE)

"Frailty management optimisation through EIP AHA commitments and utilisation of stakeholders - FOCUS" - how can family doctors support our dementia carers?

Donata Kurpas (Poland)

"Supporting Excellence in End of Life Care - SEED" - how can family doctors support end of life care for people with dementia and their families?

Louise Robinson (UK)

336 - W87 - Workshop

Medication management in the last phase of life

Workshop Coordinator: Marianne Dees (NL)

 Meeting Room BM3

741 - W75 - Workshop

Approach to lower urinary tract symptoms in men

Workshop Coordinators: Helena Monteiro (PT), Bruno Pinto (PT)

495 - W88 - Workshop

Introducing desirable system-wide quality indicators to incentivise integration across and beyond the health system, using alliances led by primary care

Workshop Coordinator: Les Toop (NZ)

 Meeting Room BM4

OP38 - Oral Presentations


OP45 - Oral Presentations


 Meeting Room BM5

OP39 - Oral Presentations


OP46 - Oral Presentation


 Meeting Room BM6

211 - W76 - VdGM  & EURIPA Workshop

Young doctor movements engaging in rural health policy

Workshop Coordinators: Veronika Rasic (HR), Tanja Pekez-Pavlisko (HR), Berit Hansen (DK), Hanna Stark (FI), Johana Isabel Moreira Pontes (PT)

1186 - W89 - Workshop

Do old people have sex?

Workshop Coordinator: Helena Grauberg (EE)

Meeting Room Bella Sky 173

OP40 - Oral Presentations


448 - W90 - Workshop

Do you talk with your patients about their wishes and expectations around the end of their life?

Workshop Coordinators: Mireille Ballieux (NL), Michael Kijser (NL)

Meeting Room Bella Sky 178

OP41 - Oral Presentations


OP47 - Oral Presentation


Meeting Room Bella Sky 179

OP42 - Oral Presentations


W91 - Workshop:

Decision aid - a tool for a patient and for a doctor?

Workshop Coordinators: Anneli Rätsep (EE), Ruth Kalda (EE)

Meeting Room Bella Sky 180

354 - S36 - EGPRN, EURACT & VdGM Symposium

The role of research in specialty training for family medicine: perspectives from EGPRN, EURACT and Vasco da Gama

Chair: Jo Buchanan, President of EURACT

Introduction from Chair

Jo Buchanan, President of EURACT

Preparing trainees for participation in research

Ferdinando Petrazzuoli, EGPRN Executive Board & Educational Committee & & Caroline Huas, EGPRN Research Committee Working Group

Research in specialty training - the current position

Zalika Klemenc-Ketis (SI)

The trainee's perspective on research in ST

Ana Luisa Neves, Rosy Tsopra, Ivana Babic,VdGM

OP48 - Oral Presentation


Meeting Room Bella Sky 181

485 - W77 - IGRIMUP Workshop

"We should treat the patients - not their numbers…"  - how to fight polypharmacy and reduce IMU in your own practice/clinic?

Workshop Coordinators: Doron Garfinkel (IL) &  Dee Mangin (CA)

1059 - W92 - Workshop

New evidence - change of practice?  A workshop about patient information, patient values and shared decision making; with place of birth as case

Workshop Coordinators: Ole Olsen (DK), Atle Klovning (NO), Merete Jørgensen (DK), Stefan Hjørleifsson (NO)

Coffee Break - 16:00 - 16:15

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  Keynotes address        WONCA SIGs and WONCA Networks



09:30 - 10:30

Congress Hall A

KA06 - Keynote Address

Inequalities in Health – the issue of migration

Associate Professor Bernadette Kumar, Department of Global Health, Institute for Health and Society, University of Oslo, Norway

KA07 - Keynote Address

From individual to collective efforts towards health equity or what family medicine can learn from Canada geese? 

Associate Professor Katherine D Rouleau, University of Toronto, Dall Lana School of Public Health, Toronto, Canada

Coffee Break - 10:30 - 10:45


10:45 - 12:00


Congress Hall A

391 - S38 - WONCA SIG on Migrant Care - Symposium

Refugees in primary care: what are their needs and how can we care best?

Chair: Maria van den Muijsenbergh (NL)

Health needs, views on and experiences with healthcare of refugees and other newly arriving migrants throughout their journey in Europe

Maria van den Muijsenbergh (NL)

Health problems of Syrian refugees in Istanbul

Aral Sürmeli (TR)

Healthcare for refugees in hot spot Lesbos, Greece

Kyriakos Maltezis (GR)

Oversight of guidelines for refugee care

Ana Costa (PT)

Expert panel discussion with the audience: how to provide affordable good quality care for refugees in primary care

Guus Busser (NL), Christos Lionis (GR), Chris Dowrick (UK), Sylvia Mennink (NL)

Auditorium 10

1203 - W93 - Workshop

How to be a good-enough GP for non-heterosexual people (LGBT - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans people) - in Norway and in Turkey

Workshop Coordinators: Workshop Coordinators: Ulku Bulut (TR), Seval Yaprak (TR), Olgu Aygun (TR), Kemal Mustan (TR), Gamze Akyol (TR), Ibrahim Gunes (TR), Ilke Sabire Ekim Yardim (TR), Neslicah Gaffuroglu Tan (TR), Dilek Guldal (TR), Janecke Thesen (NO),Gunnar F Olsen (NO), Mari Bjørkman (NO), Özden Gökdemir (TR)

Auditorium 11

432 - W94 - Workshop

GPs leading innovations for Inclusion Health: creating integrated pathways to care for marginalized people

Workshop Coordinators: Henrik Thiesen (DK), Nigel Hewett (UK), Noemi Mimi Doohan (USA)

Auditorium 12

242- W95 - VdGM Workshop

Structural and intimate partner violence: empowering family doctors with identification and management tools

Workshop Coordinators: Nina Monteiro (PT), Sara Rigon (IT), Ula Chetty (UK), Christofer Patrick Reichel (A), Elena Klusova (SP), Özden Gökdemir (TK), Hassna Errami (FR), Ana Nunes Barata (PT), Raquel Gomez-Bravo (SP), Alexandra Tsipou (GR), Yusianmar Mariani (UK)

Auditorium 15

176 - W96 - VdGM - Workshop

Using comparative experiences of Turkish and Irish general practice as a basis for designing the model consultation: a workshop

Workshop Coordinators: Peter Sloane (IE), Zelal Akbayin (TR)

Meeting Room Bella Sky 180

OP49 - Oral Presentations


Meeting Room Bella Sky 181

159 - W97 - WONCA Network/SIGs

WONCA Special Interest Group on Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine

Workshop Coordinator: Richard Withnall (UK)


12:00 - 13:00

Congress Hall A



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Please see the final program for "One-slide-5 minutes" presentations and for classic poster presentations. 

See Presentation Guidelines here.

The overall theme of the WONCA Europe 2016 is:

Family Doctors with Heads and Hearts

GPs work in the border-land between medical science and humanity. We must keep our balance and work with our heads and hearts.

The specific themes are:

The ageing Europe:

Europe's population has changed and will change and what does that mean? Are there variations across countries? What about the family structure, income, education? Will there be more diseases or do we live longer and better?

Making healthcare affordable:

The health care system will change dramatically towards more specialised care, higher costs, more fragmented care etc. How will general practice fit into this? What can family medicine do to preserve and develop its core functions and values?

The future consultation:

How will general practice develop, what will the content and task be and how will we be able to put science, knowledge into that. How will general practice be able to address future developments and expected tasks?

Diagnosing - a vital task for Family medicine:

We get more and more focused on our ability to identify physiological changes and risks early, to use technology, and to put together many specialities around the table discussing the patient (who is not there). What about family medicine? How should diagnosing develop there?

Inequality in health and specific patient groups:

We focus on the possible risk of increasing inequality in health and access to health care in Europe. Both social, mental and age based inequality. We see inequality based on social differences, among specific disease groups like mental diseases and for children and elderly people.




17:00 - 18:30

Congress Hall 1A

Opening Ceremony

KA01 - Keynote Address

Family doctors with heads and hearts: a global perspective

Professor Michael Kidd, President of the World Organization of Family Doctors, Adelaide, AU

OPENING RECEPTION - 18:30 - 19:30



17:00 - 18:30

Congress Hall 1A

Opening Ceremony

KA01 - Keynote Address

Family doctors with heads and hearts: a global perspective

Professor Michael Kidd, President of the World Organization of Family Doctors, Adelaide, AU

OPENING RECEPTION - 18:30 - 19:30