The participants of WONCA Copenhagen will be able to train skills that are important to the daily work of a GP.

We have created a “Skills lab” in an open area in the conference center. 

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1. A microscopy skills lab
You will learn how to recognize the most common bacteria safely and quickly and how to diagnose a urinary tract infection so that the right course of antibiotics can be started when necessary. You can also learn how to quickly diagnose cervicitis, vagintis etc. through microscopy of vaginal secretions.

2. A gynecology skills lab
You can practice IUD insertion, learn how to administer contraceptive implants, and also discuss diagnostics and treatment of menorrhagia, including demonstration of an endometrial suction biopsy.

3. A clinical ultrasound skills lab
To many of us, clinical ultrasound is a completely new feature in general practice. You can try scanning and seeing how ultrasound can be used to support the clinical examination in the diagnosis of common disorders in general practice.